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I have been an avid photographer for over twenty years. In my search for new scenes to photograph, I've met many interesting people who have shared with me their favourite locations. I have thus been been able to photograph a wide variety of those ' special places ' that characterize a locality. Each season offers me opportunities to capture these landscapes in a new way too. I'm fortunate to be able to photograph the beauty of the Muskoka Lakes, the Ottawa Valley, and the National Capital Region.

Most of my images are taken in the special light that occurs just before dawn and after sunset. On rare occasions, I'm rewarded with a display of breathtaking, dramatic, intense colours that last only for a fleeting moment or two, but forever in a photograph. I am also partial to scenes which are reflected on mirror smooth lakes or rivers. In fall and winter, I seek to capture the mists which form above open water, especially on very cold mornings. In the bright rays of the rising sun, the gold and pastel coloured mists are warm and almost magical. Sharing these short-lived scenes with others, and conveying the mood I feel when photographing them is the joy of photography.

I am pleased that my images have been selected by government departments and corporations to promote Canada's unique, natural treasures abroad. My photographs also appear in calendars, posters, advertising brochures and publications.


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