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"Blazing Colours" (Parliament Buildings)"Autumn Splendor"  (Rideau Canal)"A Commanding View"  (Parliament Buildings)"An Autumn Vista" (Parliament Buildings)"Autumn Spires" (Parliament Buildings)Scarlet Accent"Embassy Row" (Major's Hill Park)"Along the Canal"  ( Rideau Canal )"Overlooking the Market"  (The Peace Tower)" Autumn Afternoon "  ( Major's Hill Park )" Autumn Light "  ( Major's Hill Park )"Our Majestic Capital"  (Parliament Buildings)"Autumn Isle"  (Patterson Creek)" Emerald Water "   Gatineau Park"Fallen Leaves"     (Gatineau Park)"Gatineau Park Ruins""The Pumpkin Harvest"  (Ridge Road)"Floating Leaves" ( Gatineau )"An Autumn Invitation "   (Gatineau Park )" Migration "  ( Mer Bleue Bog )